Saturday, November 24, 2007

Look, I'm Spinning!

This is my first skein of hand-spun yarn! I am using a top-whorl spindle, and having a great time.
I won a book from Wiley Publishing as part of the Charmed Knits KAL, and chose "Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning." Then I got got 8 oz of roving at the TKGA weekend in Manchester, NH, and ordered a spindle from E-bay. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that learning from a book is possible, but there had to be an easier way, so I went to Mind's Eye Yarn in Porter Sq. (Cambridge, MA) and had a spinning lesson from Lucy Lee. What a difference!
My plan is to spin all this yarn and then knit myself a hat and mittens, and maybe a scarf from the yarn. Maybe for this winter, and if not, there's always next winter. After all, I live in New England.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've Been Busy

Who am I to be picky? I kept waiting to blog until I had some good pictures, but in the meantime LOTS of good stuff happened. I went to Rhinebeck - what a blast! The Knit-A-Yarn crew went to film and interview, so we were there for three days, and I still didn't get to see everything! I did manage to get some shopping in, of course. I feel like a bought a little of everything. The one thing I kept missing was hooking up with the Ravelry people. It took me over a week to recover from that trip.
I got two skeins of boucle yarn at half price because they were dyeing misadventures. I knit up one into a shawl.

It has a collar because I sort of mitered it by increasing down the center, as well as increasing at the edge. The actual color of the skein can be seen in the small hank of left-over yarn. I overdyed the shawl with blue food coloring. I'm much happier with the new color.

I love the ball band dishcloth pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting, so a bunch of people will be getting dishcloths/washcloths paired with a fabulous bar of soap from Frost Fish Cove Soaps. I've already given this set away to a good friend.

I'm trying to confine my knitting to promised items with a deadline (like the Aran sweater) and holiday gifts. I have finished one major gift for my niece - an entrelac hat (my design) and scarf knit in Nashua Wooly Stripes. I have a pinwheel sweater on the needles for another niece, and several sets of cabled wrist-warmers laying about that just need to have the thumbs knitted in. What is it about knitting thumbs that leads to procrastination?

Being this disciplined is extremely hard, since I have the yarn for two sweaters for me that I'm itching to get started on: a lovely entrelac jacket by Sarah James to be done in Noro yarn, and a pullover sweater by Ella Rae (details eventually).