Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daisy Mae Memorial Inverness Cape

I just lost my 18-1/2 year old Burmese cat, Daisy Mae, to old age. I was there when she was born and I stayed with her until the end. When I called my sister, who has been with me on other, similar occasions, I told her that I just wanted to knit myself into oblivion.

I found the perfect project in "Simply Shetland 4 at Tomales Bay." It's the Inverness Cape, a lovely, simple design with a slight ruffle around the neck, a warm collar, and 21 inches of ever-increasing seed stitch, ending in a 544 stitch, 6-inch seed stitch ruffle.

I even had the yarn - 19 skeins of a defunct Knit Picks yarn called Shamrock, a heavier 4-ply yarn, in a green/blue color called McNamara. The yarn is slightly over-dyed. It leaves a blue line on the finger I use to tension the yarn, and I've found that my fingernails have a blue tinge, too - thankfully, it washes off.

So far I've put about 35 hours of knitting into it. I figure that the cape will take roughly sixty to sixty-five hours to complete.

The collar fits closely aroud the neck and needs three buttons to close it. Finding the right three buttons may be a challenge.

Back to my knitting.