Monday, May 28, 2007

From Old to New - Knitting Projects

I finally figured out how to upload pictures, so here is the first batch:

The Norwegian mittens on the left were knitted about four years ago. I have knit this pattern with various colors and weights of wool over the years. My father still has the pair I made for him at least 10 years ago. The pair on the right were finished this past winter, and are from "Basic Knitting" They knit up large, but since I had used Cascade yarn, I gently felted them, which made them smaller and warmer. For additional warmth, I always wear a thin pair of el cheapo stretch gloves inside the mittens. This has gotten me through many a cold New England winter.

I do like colorwork, and started this Baby Norgi sweater from Knitty when I learned that my SIL was pregnant. I also had scheduled a class on two-color knitting and thought that this would be an interesting display to promote the class. When the class was cancelled, I slowed down, but now the baby is here, so I once more have a greater incentive to finish.

I have managed to finish a couple of things for my new niece: a bib from "One Skein" using Classic Elite Bamboo; a "Pi" jacket out of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, which was a delight to knit with; and a Vine Lace Baby Hat from "knittingdaily." Since the family is up from Nashville on a visit, I can hand over the finished items, and hope that they will be put to some use.

Mom is getting the Comfort Shawl from "knittingdaily". I found Misti Cotton, a lovely, soft cotton and silk yarn at my LYS, that I thought would make a lovely shawl for a nursing mother. This was my first Farose-styled shawl, and I really liked the shaping and the comfortable way it sits on your shoulders. I've added this pattern to my "Make It for Me" wish list.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sock Knitters Sub-Culture

After I told a co-worker about the sock knitters' sub-culture, the blogs, the sock swaps, the sense of community, he said, "So you could say they're 'sock-cessful'." This was too good not to share...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Projects on Needles

I sometimes think that I must be an ADD knitter - I have so many differnt things I'm working on!

There's the Ruffles scarf from ScarfStyle in a multi-color mohair blend that lives in a plastic bag hung from one of my drawers at work (for the 45 minutes on hold with the IT help desk).

The Hourglass sock pattern that travels to work with me on the T is a test run for my Hogwarts Sock Swap sock - I use one circular needle (magic loop) to reduce the chance of stabbing someone.

I take my responsibility as an aunt very seriously, so I'm working on the Vine Lace Baby Hat from Knitting Daily for my new niece, along with the bib from One Skein. Mom is getting the Comfort Shawl from Knitting Daily. I used Misti Cotton - a beautiful soft fuscia color in the softest cotton and silk blend (that one, at least, is finished). I'm preping the six different colors of Lara yarn I ordered from Elann for an intarsia sweater for another niece, and my oldest niece (who'll be seven soon) will be getting a pair of socks, among other things.

I just finished a pair of socks for afghans for Afghans. I used Lopi light, since they want warm items. I am de-stashing my KnitPicks Yarn of the Andes and using a double stand (one strand amythest, and the other strand changes color every three rows) for a soft, but warm baby blanket. Then there's the cabled hat for the Yarn Harlot's appearance in Northampton, MA, next Wednesday.

I do knit things for myself, at least I start them. I recycled some purple/blue dk yarn that started as a shawl...and will become the ribbed Tee from Knitty. One half-done glove in blue/green Silky Yarn is safely in a shoebox.

There's more, but guilt prevents me from including it now.

Once I figure out how to post pictures, I will., but I'm hampered because I don't have a camera. I just wanted people to know that I do knit on the rare occasion when the spirit moves me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Post-It Notes Appreciation

The value of post-it notes to knitters has not been publicly acknowledged. I use them constantly, and even carry little pads of them around with my various knitting projects. Why? you ask...They are perfect for keeping my place on a pattern or on a chart, and I can even mark them up as I keep track of the number of rows I've knitted.

Since I am going through a charted pattern phase as a preliminary to a knitted lace phase, I've found that post-its let me work my way through a chart without constantly losing my place, and they're not displaced if I close the book, fold the pattern, or am interrupted by a cat.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Taking the Plunge - First Post

I've been knitting since I was a little girl. My grandmother taught me during summer visits to "the country." The only thing I remember about the learning process was that at one point I was told that I couldn't have dessert until I could knit four rows without dropping a stitch. It was a powerfull motivation, because I can't recall missing any desserts. I also remember riding on the train with my Grandmother, watching her knit. It was a 2-row pattern and the result was a raised diagonal stitch. When we got home, I told her that "I could knit that stitch." She said, "Show me!" and I did. My Uncle Paul got a brown and black scarf for Christmas knit in that stitch.

Over the years, I've drifted away and back, knitting occasionally, as the mood struck. I did a couple of Aran sweaters, a Norwegian sweater, then Norwegian mittens. It wasn't until I became an aunt, that the full weight of my knitting responsibility descended. While Jasmine has been the recipient of a baby blanket (now with Hurricane Allie, another niece), a sweater that was too small (also with Allie), and one that was a little too big, I also branched out - socks, felted bags, entrelac - suddenly I was finding all these fun things to make. Now there are nieces and a nephew and samples for classes, family gifts, and even stuff for me. I have projects at work - a ruffled scarf from ScarfStyle - to work on during conference calls, projects I work on during my commute, promised items (Art - your beret is coming, trust me!), and things for me, unless I give them away.

So this blog is my attempt to Share the Joy (and the occasionall pain) of knitting.