Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not All Non-Knitters are Muggles

On May 30 my sister drove with me to Northampton, MA, to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot. She drove so I could knit in the car. We stood in line chatting with knitters, we had more chat time in the theater, and we laughed and enjoyed outselves immensely during Stephanie's talk. During the Q&A, one woman asked "What were muggles?" Most of the audience responded in surprise. But Stephanie actually answered and told us all that muggles was an old word that Rowling had used in her books and it meant "someone outside a closely affiliated community." Is Stephanie the only one who knew that?

We went to WEBS, and I stood in line to have Stephanie sign my copy of "Cast Off," chatting all the while. The woman behind me pulled out a sweater she was knitting of Noro wool, and I truthfully said, "that was the best pattern I'd seen for Noro." She generously gave me the pattern. I promise I will knit it up.

Still basking in the glow of enjoyment, I was recently talking to my sister about the event, when she told me that as we were leaving the theater, she had made some comment to me about not having much interest in looking a wool, and the woman behind her, with whom she had been talking, said, 'Oh, you're a muggle." Her tone implied distain. My sister felt insulted. By the very fact that she was there, she was NOT a muggle. She may not knit, but she is a strong supporter of knitting. She respects knitters for their creativity and work; she appreciates hand knit items, and encourages her daughter to knit.

Any stereotype is dangerous and can be hurtful, so please consider who you're calling a muggle.

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Annie said...

Oh, gosh. So sorry for your sister, and at such a fun event! Negative Nellies sure can put the crimp on your style can't they!