Friday, July 6, 2007

Slow Bee, Humming

I've added the Mystery Stole 3 "Slow Bee" button. I've spent more time reading all the posts than I have knitting the stole. I did get up early this morning to work on it, only to have to frog back 4 rows - to row 35. The good news is that now I'm up to row 43. This is NOT a project I'm going to rush because it is too frustrating to make mistakes. If I keep my focus - no tv, no audio books, no cats on my lap - I do okay.

The good news is that as I sit and read all the posts, I do my mindless entrelac knitting on a tote for the Summer KAL CAL, and I've completed two tiers in two days!

On another tack, I do knit on my commute to and from work, usually on a pair of socks. I have noticed that sometimes people seem hesitant to sit next to me. While I'd like to think that maybe they are just being considerate and don't want to disturb me, or maybe they're intimidated by my plastic needles; I think the truth of the matter is that I hum to myself as I knit - not loudly, but it might be audible. I've turned into the crazy lady on the train!


Bogie said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. Have fun with the stole!

Jane Prater said...

I do the humming thing, too. It's disconcerting to others and I don't even know I'm doing it. I guess it brings me comfort--as does my knitting. Hum on!

beth02116 said...

HI! looking forward to seeing your MSK! I am almost done with clue #2. Cant make it this weds- have to go to NYC- but maybe next week. I am also going to try to make the waltham group next monday. Hope to see you soon!

Nerdy Knitter said...

I once had a man on my train commute get up & move when he learned I was planning to sit next to him. I was really worried that he was losing his seat, until he confessed that he had been my seat partner the previous day, and "your knitting drove me crazy!" C'mon--how could that be true? I think he was already crazy. Must have been, right? :-)

So maybe the people who are avoiding you are just crazy people who can't stand to be near knitting. I'm living proof that such people exist.