Monday, January 14, 2008

From Done to Almost Done

After shovelling snow for an hour, I got my car dug out (with help from a neighbor) and cleared the walk from the back door to the sidewalk. Then I looked at the pristine snow in my yard and threw myself down and made a snow angel.

I also have finished some belated Christmas gifts:

two ball band washcloths and a fabulous bar of soap from Frost Fish Cove Soaps for my sister and her family,

Ice Queen from Knitty:

for a friend (luckily, she was away for the holidays). There are beads on it. If it looks a little weird, it's because I draped it over a plastic pail. It took me three days of trying, frogging, leaving to calm down, and returning to get the picot bind off right.

And tonight I have to finish a pair of fingerless mitts to send off as part of a swap. I "designed" them myself, and they're simpler than they look, since there are only two rows of stranded color work in every 8-row pattern repeat. Part of what I was experimenting with was the way colors change based on what color they are next to.


hunnybunny said...

I love all your projects but your Ice Queen is absolutely beautiful.

artsmiths said...

hi. I came to your website because I have been looking on the web for an aran sweater for my husband since Nov. 2007. After looking and searching, I've come to the decision that I want to "Commission" a sweater. Then I found you on the web, under "handknit aran sweater blog". I don't know any of the "rules" of blogging" etc. -- how do people contact each other, etc.. We live on the Cape and I loved your story of making the aran sweater for Greg

artsmiths said...

Hi Suzanne. I'm not a knitter-- not interested in being one. Having said that, I've been spending a little more time just going through your blogs-I love the way you instruct and the little bits of humor and life you put into all this. Sooo much work! Yipes! (seems like more than a part-time job)- I'm enjoying from the sidelines.
I'm also the one interested in trying to get a sweater done for my husband (he had one - dearly loved from an elderly English woman friend that I put in the wash- egads!). I have searched online for the hand knit aran sweater from Irelend-- but I know he wants a thick yarn, untreated, and the hand knit one online with the patern he liked was untreated wool but made from "3 ply" yarn. From my research it seems that is not thick enough to not see through the sweater when wearing it. Does this make any sense? Do you have any ideas that might help me in my search? I'm assuming from looking at all the things you have to knit, etc., you don;t have the time to do a "commissioned" sweater at this point. Thank you for any help.

fibergal said...

Love the gloves!