Friday, August 24, 2007

My Socks are Great, but my Posting is Late

I was thrilled when my Sockapalooza 4 socks arrived; and the timing was perfect because I actually got to wear them several days later when I went to see my niece perform at the Open Air Circus - where she had learned to walk on stilts. It had been raining during the day (it cleared up for the performance at a local park), but it was cold and wet, and a nice pair of wool socks kept me quite comfortable.

Here is a picture:

I did take a picture of socks on my feet, but they looked better on the cat... the fit was fine, and I love the way the stripes line up, but the angle made my ankles look too fat!

Here's another picture. After I wore them, I washed them!
I found a package of vinyl-coated hangers and bent two of them into a sock shape. It is a great way to block socks or simply hang them up to dry.
So a big THANK YOU goes to Liz, who knit them for me.

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