Thursday, September 6, 2007

Here's a "New" Acronym

I "unvented" an acronym: to WILT, or WILTING - to weave (or weaving) in loose threads. The penultimate task before finishing a knit item. I was going to call the blog that I'm writing for Knit A Yarn "WILT," since I'm going to be gathering up bits of (hopefully) interesting information about what is going on behind the scenes, but after some editorial discussions, the new blog is "Loose Threads." I like the name for the blog, but I can imagine knitters starting to talk not only about UFOs and tinking, but adding wilting to their conversations and further confusing the uninitiated.


Yarn Thing said...

Hey Chica,

Go and check out the Summer kal-cal blog :-)

You might find something interesting.


hunnybunny said...

I want to go Stitch and Bitch so bad. I can't until my husband's schedule goes back to normal, hopefully soon.I was going to post that I wasn't going to be there for a while but every week I thought I might make it. So did you get to meet the rest of the crew? It's a lot of fun. Hope you are doing well.