Monday, September 24, 2007

Tofutsies Update

Friday evening I sent an e-mail to customer service at SWTC aabout my Tofutsies yarn problems, with a copy to the company president. The next day I got a reply from Jonelle (pres) saying, "I am very sorry you have problems with the Tofutsies. I will have a new ball of yarn sent out to you on Monday."

I appreciate the quick response and will appreciate the new ball of yarn when it arrives.

If they know which yarn to send me, it means that they did check out this blog (I included the blog info in the e-mail).

It should be interesting to see what they send.


hunnybunny said...

I am really pleased to read about their customer service that's one of the few non acrylic yarns I want to try. I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply I was in Maine for the weekend and just got a chance to sit and read blogs. I hope your niece is enjoying the SNB, I bet she had fun. Those patterns aren't mine they're wisted from other people's pages. I have only done two myself one for a super simple skull cap, and the other for a really easy cowl that your niece might like. Nothing fancy. If you'd like I can find the cowl pattern for her, I never bothered posting because it was so simple.

proptart said...

I'm very impressed with their customer service, too - though I saw what the sock looked like and it woul dbe a real travesty if they HADN'T owned up to that.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Louisa said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble with Tofutsies. I've got some that I haven't used yet. Hopefully no knots or weird changes of colour pattern. I'll find out for sure when I wind it into 2 balls for knitting on both socks (alternating like I always do). Nice to know the company stands behind the product.

hunnybunny said...

I'm back to say come grab you Rock come grab your button on my blog.