Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Love At First Site

First, a picture:

I fell in love with this yarn instantly. How I found it is part of a longer story, so read on.

Knit-A-Yarn is a Web channel for knitters. I am the Channel Producer. I have been spending almost all of my time working on the content for the site. There will be video PodCasts for your viewing pleasure, a blog (I'm calling it Loose Threads) about what we're doing and how it's being done, a Projects page with links to stuff to do, a Knit For A Cause page with info on charity knitting, and more. I want to have a page called "Goat Herd - for kids who knit." You can tell I have a slightly skewed sense of humor. A big part of what we will be doing will be driven by input from the knitting community. So where does that luscious skein of yarn (Seacoast Handpainted, 100% merino, 560 yards in Truffle) come in?

Part of my mission is to visit all the yarns stores I possibly can within reasonable driving distance to find out what makes each one different or unique. So I started close by - The Knitting Room in Arlington, MA. I almost stumbled over this yarn, because it was part of a display that had been set in a basket on the floor. The colors just drew my eye. I loved the fushcia and the subtle shading into lavender and gray, and the golden browns gave just the right balance of contrast. But I didn't buy the yarn. I was laid off in August and was trying to be financially responsible; but I did talk to Jackie, the owner about the possibility of filming a PodCast (filming is scheduled for Thursday).

When I went back for a location scout with my sister, Melissa, Knit-A-Yarn Executive Producer (my family believes in nepotism), the yarn was still there. I gave it more fondling, but still didn't buy it. There was also a laceweight yarn in the same colorway...

I finally went back last Friday, and almost had a panic attack because when I walked in, the yarn wasn't there! (took a couple of deep breathes), then after some fast searching, I located it. Jackie had rearranged the yarn displays. So now it's MINE! (happy dance).

So come on over to www.knitayarn.com, and let me know what you think!


hunnybunny said...

Your yarn is so pretty. I checked out Knit a Yarn real quick. It's going to be awesome. I can't wait to see the kids section I know my oldest will love it!

knittin gin said...

I just checked out Knit a Yarn. It looks like fun! I like your idea of finding quick 2 skein projects - a really good idea with the holidays coming.