Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Places

I've decided to tell you about my adventures as a Yarn Sales Rep - at least a few tidbits about the yarn shops I visit. The one thing I do really enjoy is visiting yarn shops. The way each owner has set up their shop makes each one unique, and can give you a quick insight into their aesthetic. What sort of yarns are displayed and how, what colors catch you eye first, what's on shelves...yum!!

Well, today I drove into Rhode Island to visit Mermaid's Purl in North Kingston. It's a great name for a gem of a store. It used to be "And the Beadz Go On" but the new owner, Lizzy, is having her Grand Opening soon - the store is open now and full of great yarns. It's a small store in a gathering of small, artistic stores with a small town, comfortable ambiance. If I wasn't 'working,' I would have loved to cruise through the yarn, the buttons, and beads. There were neighboring stores that would be fun to explore, too.

Of course I must remember that if I have to drive south, through Boston to go to Rhode Islalnd, and Google Maps tells me the trip will take 1 hr 36 min, that I had better keep in mind the volume of rush hour traffic and make myself leave at least 1/2 hour earlier. Checking the gas guage is a good thing, too.

I didn't print out reverse directions - and, no, I don't have a GPS device...yet, so, of course there were a few circles and wrong turns until I got myself pointed in the right direction (I do ask for directions!).

If I keep posting about yarn stores, I'll try to remember to pack my camera so maybe I can get some pictures to post.

Oh, and I've started what I hope will be my Rhinebeck sweater - Farmer's Market Cardigan from Fall 2009 Interweave Knits - using yarn from stash, pictures to follow.

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