Thursday, September 3, 2009

Still Knitting...

These are not flowers from my grave...

I've been knitting, spending time, lots of time, on Ravelry, and most recently, starting up my new business - A Touch of Fiber - as a yarn sales rep. It's all been very engrossing, and I'm enjoying the process!!!

This is the longest project I've knit in awhile - a pair of 17th Century Stockings with clocks (pattern from Plimouth Plantation) - that I knit for the Sock Summit 2009 Sock Museum! They are huge, long, and itchy, but they are definitely warm! I used Harrisville yarn, and loved working with it. It has a 'crunchy' feel and there is still lanolin in the yarn, so I felt like I was knitting with 'real' yarn that hadn't lost its identity through over-processing.

Then there is my washcloth collection. It's a way for me to knit mindlessly and prepare simple gifts. I pair the washcloths with really nice soap from Frost Fish Cove Soaps.
To finish up, if you're an indie dyer who wants a larger market, contact me.

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