Monday, May 28, 2007

From Old to New - Knitting Projects

I finally figured out how to upload pictures, so here is the first batch:

The Norwegian mittens on the left were knitted about four years ago. I have knit this pattern with various colors and weights of wool over the years. My father still has the pair I made for him at least 10 years ago. The pair on the right were finished this past winter, and are from "Basic Knitting" They knit up large, but since I had used Cascade yarn, I gently felted them, which made them smaller and warmer. For additional warmth, I always wear a thin pair of el cheapo stretch gloves inside the mittens. This has gotten me through many a cold New England winter.

I do like colorwork, and started this Baby Norgi sweater from Knitty when I learned that my SIL was pregnant. I also had scheduled a class on two-color knitting and thought that this would be an interesting display to promote the class. When the class was cancelled, I slowed down, but now the baby is here, so I once more have a greater incentive to finish.

I have managed to finish a couple of things for my new niece: a bib from "One Skein" using Classic Elite Bamboo; a "Pi" jacket out of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, which was a delight to knit with; and a Vine Lace Baby Hat from "knittingdaily." Since the family is up from Nashville on a visit, I can hand over the finished items, and hope that they will be put to some use.

Mom is getting the Comfort Shawl from "knittingdaily". I found Misti Cotton, a lovely, soft cotton and silk yarn at my LYS, that I thought would make a lovely shawl for a nursing mother. This was my first Farose-styled shawl, and I really liked the shaping and the comfortable way it sits on your shoulders. I've added this pattern to my "Make It for Me" wish list.


secret said...

hat lovely knits! i'm so excited you've decided to blog so i can blogstalk ;)

Theresa said...

And once you figured it out, boy, you went after those photos with a vengeance! Lovely work.